“What a marvelous book you have authored—It is so complete and full of ideas that it is almost overwhelming!

I really appreciate the beautiful organization and presentation of having all the topics of such vital importance presented in a way that makes each endeavor seem not only doable, but enjoyable. … your remarkable teaching shines through every sentence.” –Jeanne Baxtresser, Professor of Flute, Carnegie Mellon University


“a thorough recounting of the time-tested methods employed by [Pappoutsakis]. … meticulously transcribed material. … A distinguished teacher in her own right, Barwell adds her own helpful suggestions. ….The spirit of the man is palpable throughout the book. …  Barwell has given us the opportunity to hear, decades later, the wisdom of Pappoutsakis’s lifetime of experience, in which are exhibited the principles that we desire all of our students to embrace.”

Linda Toote—Review from Flutist Quarterly


“inspiring to everyone who uses the book. … his exercises and words are tremendously helpful, as are your additional comments.” –Leone Buyse, Professor of Flute, Rice University/Shepherd School of Music


“wonderful publication honoring and sharing the wisdom of the great Mr. Pappoutsakis. “

Marianne Gedigian, Professor of Flute, The University of Texas at Austin


“…an interesting and valuable compilation for students and teachers."  

Helen Bledsoe—Review from Flute Talk